19 thoughts on “Tour Down Under 2010 Stage 4 Race Highlights

  1. zaurakdigis says:

    @FanOFCycling , a 7 time TDF winner hardly has a lot to learn.

  2. FanOFCycling says:

    Lance has a lot to learn.

  3. Lorenzo B says:

    @Jur0 dude,, andre greipel is one of the best sprinters in the world, he
    never won something because cavendish is also riding by team columbia, if
    greipel had his own team where he could be the sprinters he should be
    definately by the top three of best sprinters in the world

  4. gilbertosilva222 says:

    man Renshaw is the best without renshaw cav and greipel are nothing

  5. babgp says:

    but Greipel was also injured last year

  6. jimhalen says:

    lance is using this as training, to say he has a lot to learn is ludicrous

  7. SDE2490 says:

    look at the speed of the peloton when it caught the rabobank rider

  8. Lorenzo B says:

    @Jur0 i did a little research on the internet and here is the list of the
    best sprinters of 2009 Best sprinters in 2009 1. Mark Cavendish (Gbr/Col)
    1066 2. André Greipel (Ger/Col) 930 3. Tyler Farrar (USA/Grm) 868 4.
    Alessandro Petacchi (Ita/LPR) 548 5. Kenny van Hummel (Ned/Skil) 501

  9. Julian Chanchi Meneses says:

    mcewen the best

  10. Lorenzo B says:

    @Jur0 okay, i guess thats the reason why oscar freire isnt on that list

  11. KarbonliteLight says:

    I Love Wheels of the team HTC-Columbia

  12. laurentsKM says:


  13. CyclingVideo1 says:

    Cav đŸ™‚

  14. FanOFCycling says:

    @jimhalen You can be dum in training too.

  15. babgp says:

    Greipel vs Cavendish…who is better?

  16. Francis Guevarra says:

    Armstrong and Vaitkus of RadioShack Team tried to get away from the
    peloton. But the pair met headwinds that made their escape difficult. then
    gradually swallowed by the peloton. if the pair had 2 or more riders with
    them they might have succeeded. Greipel and HTC is fast.

  17. gilbertosilva222 says:

    Hushovd haha Cavendish ofc

  18. Glory Cycles says:

    Great to see Lance racing so positively

  19. davidoffon says:

    Vichot, Vichot, Vichot, Vichot Vichot, Vichot Vichot

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