15 thoughts on “Tour de France 2013 – Stage 9

  1. ORICA GreenEDGE says:
  2. Maglia Nera says:

    umbilicus (navel)…
    I can’t get it out of my mind.

  3. 1stPlaceDirector says:

    Are they allowed to use the cell phone, text while driving in France? See

  4. makabird says:

    Great guys, this videos are awesome!

  5. James Sherwood says:

    I love this team.

  6. Camilla Riva says:

    I love it. No Words. Amazing Guys

  7. Dafydd Jones says:

    Go OGE! Rockin France.

  8. Davide Campanello says:


  9. ItsKrow says:

    Keep it up! Epic

  10. Sebastian Karim says:

    Look !.. belly button.. ^_^

  11. Julie Fast says:

    Awesome video and editing work! I love these videos. Best in the Tour.

  12. Jesse Reith says:

    OGE Rocks! It’s an amazing Tour so far

  13. Daniel Scharpe says:

    Please close the shirt 😉

  14. roostewrum says:

    Onya Clarkey

  15. greenfellow says:

    Whitey’s getting a bit big around the gut. His button seemed to have broken

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