Betting tips on the Tour de France

The 2013 Tour de France begins on June 29. Held entirely on French soil, this will be its hundredth anniversary, so winning will be even more prestigious than ever.

So who will it be and who should you bet on? In terms of the odds, they have recently turned against last year’s winner Sir Bradley Wiggins. Not so long ago they were floating around 2/1, however he has had a rough time of it recently and he does not seem to have quite the gloss he used to have.

The most recent downturn was his withdrawal from the Giro d’Italia. The reason, or at least the official one, was that he had contracted an illness. The result was that most bookmakers have lengthened the odds considerably. Currently you can get around 16/1 if you are prepared to shop around.

However, if you listen to what the man himself says, then you might be convinced that he really does have a good chance in the Tour de France; he seems to be convinced anyway. Certainly at those odds he must be worth a bet. They are almost certain to shorten between now and late June, so a good tip would be to place a bet before they do.

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