Shame Of The 2007 Tour de France

Article by Henri Boulanger

Right up until recently, any cyclist would have been proud to compete in the Tour de France, but with its status in tatters right after the 2007 race, the cyclists overpowering wish this 12 months was to get to Paris and then go house. Right after all the controversy of the race this year, it will consider cycling many years to recover from the shockwaves.

The Tour de France has extended been known in conjunction with just 1 man seven-time winner American Lance Armstrong. But much more not too long ago, it’s also been marred by scandal when a report number of riders were banished this yr because of to failed drug assessments. Preferred Alexander Vinokorouv was amid them, along with race leader Michael Rasmussen, who was yanked just 4 days just before the stop of the function. With Armstrong retired, punishments handed down for the use of illegal medicines, and rumours running rampant about this year’s winner, Alberto Contador, what is the long term of the Tour de France?

Some would say the long run is bleak. With surveys indicating that fewer folks are interested in the Tour than actually just before, and a complete 71% saying that its status cannot be saved, it would seem as though there wants to be some revamping of the function. Cyclists and followers alike really feel that stronger checks want to be place in location to preserve this type of embarrassment from taking place in the future. In addition, there is main political unrest amongst the organizers of the Tour and the International Cycling Union which ought to be settled, and that would seem not likely. After all, at the heart of the feud is both energy and funds.

Nonetheless, those two entities aside, the citizens of Monaco wish the future is bright. On July 7, 2009, the metropolis will play host to a fifteen.two kilometre time-trial, following beating Rotterdam and Utrecht, Liege, Lugano, Budapest, Florence and the Basque Country. This will be the first time that Monaco has had the possibility for the Tour de France to start in its streets, and it’s honoured to be the chosen 1. Like for the Monaco Grand Prix, the hotels in Monaco will be filled to potential.

It looks there may well also be a new sweetheart for followers of the Tour: Australian Cadel Evans. Just two weeks after finishing 2nd in the Tour, he won the time trial at the Olympic test function in Bejing. Some assume he may be the initial to win the Tour and a gold medal all in the very same year. In the previous, Evans has had a tough time at the Olympics, but based mostly on what he’s saying to the press, he feels that his negative luck has taken a turn for the much better.

It also seems like, if items keep heading the way they are, he may well be part of a 2009 Austrailian team with other leading Austrailian riders Robbie McEwen, Stuart O’Grady and Michael Rogers. Even though practically nothing has been set in stone as of yet, you can bet that Australians are waiting with bated breath.

One particular thing’s for certain, and that is that absolutely nothing is for positive. With items shifting for the Tour quicker than the Net can report them, the 2008 race is confident to go via numerous, many revisions prior to unveiling a hopefully new and improved confront. Following yr you can particular be that the Tour will be pushing challenging to achieve again the self-confidence of its loyal followers and, possibly even acquire a couple of new ones. With younger riders hitting big occasions, the draw will surely be there yet again.

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