25 thoughts on “Robbie McEwen

  1. Breetails says:

    what says robbie @ 1:40?

  2. genesis692 says:

    Haha what a fucking animal! So angry.

  3. rbonilla18 says:

    youtube fuck youuuuuuuu and who ever removed the song. YOUTUBE IS BECOMING A PIECE OF SHIT, TIME TO MOVE TO ANOTHER PROVIDER.

  4. gsdkain says:

    I’m off to download firestarter.

  5. gsdkain says:

    you suck youtube and WMG

  6. toby099 says:

    firestarter-the prodigy

  7. andistudillo says:

    la cancion de este video le daba el toque..

  8. Richtigdanke says:

    What was the name of the song???

  9. saidiwanaudt says:

    BItCHHaSS youtube cancel the sound

  10. Richtigdanke says:

    Robbie MCEwen is the best then the others!!!

    What is the name of the song???

  11. navarrikuh89 says:

    uno de los mejores sprinters de la historia kizas solo le falte un maillot de campeon del mundo.

  12. geoffreygonzales says:

    He did swerve but it dosent matter because its after the race.
    cant be disqualified.
    unsportsmanlike though

  13. kniprm says:

    Robbie won’t be racing for Lotto next season. He’ll be riding for Katusha.

  14. toby099 says:

    lol that song perfectly describes robbie, that guy is fkin crazy in a sprint!

  15. tgkillings says:

    oscar freire = 3 time world champion.. better than all of them

  16. Grumme3 says:

    Prodigy – Firestarter

  17. Grumme3 says:

    “Can’t beat me” – Yeah!!!!!

  18. asterisk888 says:

    Brilliant video! I love how the Prodigy song is synched up with the action once the beat kicks in. It made me sad that, as Robbie said–rightly, I think–that this year’s Tour wasn’t geared more toward sprints, but here’s hoping Lotto support him some more next year instead of Cadel. He may not need a train, but I think for morale’s sake alone, it’d help. I’m hoping Mark Cavendish can one day entertain us w/ sprints like Robbie has for so long!

  19. brentonchris says:

    what a legend.

  20. AlfieNoakesOhHo says:

    The best… except for Cavendish, McEwan, Zabel, and Boonen. Maybe he’s as good as Fereira.

  21. xMyNameIsMerlx says:

    i have his signamature xD wooooop

  22. system589 says:

    In 2008 robbie macewen sux lol

  23. system589 says:

    Yeah ! Hushovd is best

  24. marcusparks says:

    My favorite rider…and unlike Lance Armstrong…HE RIDES IN MORE THAN ONE RACE PER YEAR!!!

  25. rbonilla18 says:

    thats right.

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