Robbie McEwen pt 2 – On Lance Armstrong

In component two I get to request Robbie guidance he’d have for any person else out there that sets the aim of getting to be a champion cyclist… I also get to touch on Lance Armstrong coming back and his thoughts on that.
Video clip Rating: four / five

8 thoughts on “Robbie McEwen pt 2 – On Lance Armstrong

  1. motoxray says:

    You left the K out of your name with an ignorant comment like that….

  2. wanmaker says:

    look at his arms ..roids….

  3. marcusparks says:

    Robbie rules!! He has been riding in numerous races per year (not only one like lance).

  4. allgoo19 says:

    It’s nice to get to see the person. I have never seen McEwan or most of the racers I only heard the name of.
    He seems like really nice guy.
    I’ll pay him special attention in the sprint next time.

  5. ZQPYU says:

    Robbie rocks…

  6. SKOUNDREL81 says:

    good message robbie, drugs are no good in any form

  7. galwaybogger says:

    what a legend!

  8. catherineak says:

    don’t even LOOK at drugs kids! robbie rules. old school BMXer to sprint king. good luck in the tour down under mate.

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