Robbie Mcewen Defends His Mate

Robbie Mcewen who is an Australian Cycling legend has said that his mate Rogers was not a cheat. Robbie has been a star player with 12 stage wins at the Tour De France and has had a glorious 17 year career. He has told that he could never believe that Michael Rogers had intentionally doped or cheated.

Michael has been suspended from cycling by the UCI which is a governing body for cycling. After Michael had won a race in Japan in October, trace of clenbuterol was found in his urine sample. Michael to his defense had said that days before the Tour of Beijing, China he had eaten contaminated meat that was known to use Clenbuterol in its livestock. Robbie has been taking Rogers’ back and strongly believes that he is was innocent. Robbie has said that there was nothing that had evidently come up that proved to have enhanced his performance and so he felt sorry for Rogers. He was not very happy for all that he is having to go through.

The people who are not very fond of him have been very happy but he says that it was not about the riders and that this matter was not the same as others. He said that the UCI should go to the grass root level to find out about the problem. There had been a warning given to players to be careful when in China and Mexico about the use of Clenbuterol in livestock. Clenbuterol makes the meat leaner when it is used in the livestock however, it increases the aerobic capacity of a person. It was very much possible that because of Rogers’ carelessness he had ended up in such a situation but there was no way that he could prove it and come out clean.