25 thoughts on “Robbie McEwen 2004 TTT Tussle with fan

  1. damonmoloney says:

    Damn souvenier hunters – I’ve lost about six drink bottles this way just on my commute to work.

  2. akira4ever850409 says:

    good job Robbie~

  3. pokwis says:

    @Floxit72 yeah it was; Robbie is looking as a nice man 😉

  4. yohaneuano4 says:

    Why is the little kid in red also handing out his arms? 😉

  5. 113Gems says:

    He could’ve knocked Robbie over like that stupid tv guy in this year’s tour. Unbelievable, the gall and stupidity of people…

  6. Floxit72 says:

    It was nice from McEwen to give it to the young in red 😉

  7. brouxbart says:

    robbie is good guy, so when he’s pissed at you you diserved it.

  8. preyband1 says:

    “STUPID ARSEHOLES!!” Love it, Aussie accent all the way

  9. wdeboer0 says:

    It’s just incredibly rude of someone to try and nick your bottle (or anything else for that matter) from your bike while you are STILL RIDING IT!! That’s not adoration, it’s disrespect.

  10. spunkychick94 says:

    stupid kid! Robbie good on ya!!

  11. meomy12 says:


  12. meomy12 says:

    it`s the fans that pay guys like Robbie Mc Violent …..relax Robbie….it`s just a kid that adores YOU !!

  13. simonthienpontpont says:

    “can you payer that carbon” robbie!

  14. steroidsR4winners says:

    all theese comments Crack me up.

  15. keithbontrager says:


    Gives the guy a berating in what I’m assuming is the local language then finishes with “fucking idiots”

  16. markface9 says:

    lol I was waiting for him to slap him/her? I was disappointed when he didn’t… funny clip tho. I like hoe he gave the bottle to the little kid right next to them.

  17. Grumme3 says:

    Wish he’d smacked the fuck out of that small hobbit standing there! Couldn’t even see if it was a boy or a girl?!! ONE UGLY MOTHERFUCKER!

  18. livking says:

    shame he is not in the tour atm, give cavendish a run for his money

  19. Gambitgirl1974 says:

    you don’t touch the fucking BIKE! the tour bikes for big riders cost tens of thousands of dollars!!!

  20. joostisabelle says:

    fuckin gypsy thieves

  21. AlfyLanger20 says:

    he didnt really stand up to him…like wen robbie turned around to grab it back the kid just shutup and let him take it

  22. AlfyLanger20 says:

    he not a druggo

  23. mustardjunkie says:

    Robbie was super-jacked on lots of drugs though too… Probably angry his team lost and pissed about the rain, etc.

  24. prettyshady says:

    when i went to see the tour, alot of people went for the free shit handed out and went home before the tour rolled past

  25. mustardjunkie says:

    That little Kid was a narcistic bully raised by European Trailor Trash……

    Can you imagine a 14-year old going up against Robbie McEwen and standing his ground like that….. Makes you wonder what he does to kids his own age…

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