Robbie In The Backdrop As Commentator For Major Events

Robbie McEwen might be retired, but he still feels associated with cycling and his countrymen.

The one that came by at Paris-Roubaix has left him excited and it is easy to understand why, as his countrymen have gotten the title. Robbie won Tour de France three times; having been a winner in the green jersey category he offers his expert advice on Australian television for sports channels as well as commentating for similar events.

He was conducting his role as a commentator on Sunday when Mathew Hayman came to be the second Australian to win the cycling event Paris-Roubaix. The last Australian to have won the same event was in 2007. He was excited when this happened and it was found that he was speaking excitedly to his Co commentator and that they were celebrating the win themselves.

There has been other news of Robbie as well. For instance, his Belgium connection emerged when the terror threat came alive in Belgium. At such a time Robbie spoke up for the peaceful country that it was and how it was unfair for such threats to come for such a region. He stated that his wife being from Belgium and his kids having been born there and all of them having lived there for 16 years have made it almost home to them. Even though they stay in Australia, such an event feels as if their hometown has been threatened. He remembers all the time when he would catch a train to the airport and travel for different cycling events. They have stood at the check in counters so often during those years. He stood by the country and against the extremist nature of hijackers and terrorists who threatened to disrupt life in the peaceful country.