24 thoughts on “Orica-GreenEDGE reactions to Giro Stage 3

  1. firsthippy says:

    Bingo! It wasn’t a great leadout´╗┐ by Sky, they were nowhere. GreenEdge smashed it, perfect. There’s just too many Brits on here blinded by nationalism having a cry about Cav stacking. *chants Aussie Aussie Aussie* whilst blindfolded ­čśë

  2. GreenEdgeCycling says:

    Because the Japan championships were a week ago and he wasn’t racing in´╗┐ them. He is still the National TT champion.

  3. orangeapricotyum says:

    How come Fumy Beppu isn’t in his Japan uniform´╗┐ anymore?

  4. Greg Rice says:

    . . .
    No one´╗┐ is disputing that Cav isn’t the best, he just got beaten by a more organised team that day.

  5. Greg Rice says:

    Wow, bitter much? Watch it again: Sky’s leadout train was looking great with 3km to go, but that’s not where the race is won. After the first tight corner with 2km to go they lost Cav and you can see them looking over their shoulders´╗┐ trying to find him (he is on Renshaw’s back wheel. After the last corner, one of the two remaining Sky leadout riders peels off leaving one alone in front with Cav still waaay behind – tell me how that is a “great leadout”! . . .

  6. fitchandchips says:

    great team effort

    well done sky´╗┐ shame about cav

  7. fitchandchips says:

    no the leadout train from sky was not a mess it was a great leadout and almost a carbon copy of the one by stannard and geraint at the wolrds last´╗┐ year the only reason why goss won was because cav had to slow down twice because of stupid itailans then he got knocked over before he had a chance to accelerate but he wasnt too far back because he won the wolrds from that distances. so enjoy your victory while it lasts

  8. fitchandchips says:

    well done on your win green edge but when sky did most of the work and cav got knocked down i think you should mention them´╗┐ because stannard and flecha have been doing most of the work

  9. Greg Rice says:

    It would be nice to see a´╗┐ behind the scenes of not only stage 3 but also of the logistical nightmare that is moving the team from Denmark to Italy in one day.

  10. Greg Rice says:

    Classic comment! I hope they pressed record on´╗┐ the cameras yesterday!

  11. Greg Rice says:

    Well done boys!´╗┐

  12. Greg Rice says:

    Have a look at the overhead footage: no chance Cav was going to beat Gossy – he was way out of position and doing it himself.´╗┐ When Cav tried to make his move Goss was still a few lengths ahead of him and Beppu had only just peeled away from the leadout. Look at it again, objectively.

    Sky’s leadout train was an absolute mess – it was classic seeing Geraint pedal like a madman, then look behind him only to see Cav was nowhere to be found, at this point Gossy was still behind 3 of his teammates!

  13. gregoryclive1 says:

    Great team effort.´╗┐ Congrats

  14. jelo13 says:

    Perfect leadout and sprint. All credit to White for the early sprint strategy. Overhead shows Cav was out of the picture regardless of the crash. Amazing team effort.´╗┐ Looking forward to the TTT. Killer!

  15. GreenEdgeCycling says:

    Unfortunately we do not have the rights´╗┐ to show race footage.

  16. trisk77 says:

    This is what being a professional cycling team is all about!
    The leadout as Gerry said was Fantastic
    It’s not all about Goss, but as in all sprints the Sprinter’s win is really the icing on the cake, & really is a tribute to the team, as Gossy´╗┐ said putting themselves on the line everyday.
    BMC and Sky really have to take a big hard look at the team that they have bought to this race, as their lack of a good leadout led to their top Guys going down and getting injured.
    Green, Green, Greenedge!

  17. pandymoose says:

    Where’s the race´╗┐ footage?

  18. Andrew Watts says:

    Great to see´╗┐ blokes from 5 continents getting together and getting the job done! Well done Greenedge.

  19. Erlendthemasterofdam says:

    Super awsome effort´╗┐ guys!!!

  20. simple sime says:

    Absolutely awesome!! Congratulations´╗┐ boys

  21. TonyStrang says:

    awesome results Orica Green Edge, what´╗┐ a team! Keep up the good work, you are making a lot of Aussies very proud.

  22. thinkjpb says:

    Congrats on the stage win guys!´╗┐

  23. tfull26 says:

    they didn’t “beat” Cav – great ride to stay safe but lets´╗┐ call it like it is – you were the best of what was left

  24. gregoryclive1 says:

    Go Daryl´╗┐

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