11 thoughts on “Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass – Tour de France stage 20

  1. martijnvandew1 says:

    Great backstage video’s of the Tour de France 2012! Hope to see more backstage video’s next year! Thanks to takes inside of how a team is working together during this event. It was amasing!!

  2. s0673451 says:

    Lancaster is such a hipster. I’m surprised he wasn’t riding a fixie.

  3. yenrodtheoriginal says:

    So bummed for Gossy not to get that stage man !!!!!

  4. fabian999999 says:

    last turn and Peter Sagan 10 meters per Goss …. if it was Peter in position Goss, so I believe that Cavendish was not the same winner. (google translate)

  5. zac sellers says:

    Im guessing whitey is a bit dusty…. Hasn’t taken off his sunnies. Legend!

  6. Charles Tweed says:

    Green Edge was awesome this year – the videos were the greatest – thanks for the BACKSTAGE PASS. 

  7. PSBSTEEDS says:

    Thanks for the videos! Hope you keep them up for the rest of the racing this year. Good luck to the boys competing in London!

  8. cnaptakmockba says:

    a brilliant effort and you can see the wins will come in the TDF, I will look forward to next years back stage videos in the TDF from this Aussie team. Goss will have to go earlier into the last corner next year as Cavendish was starting to lose speed towards the end on last stage. Goss was so close but he did brilliant. A team to be proud of.

  9. iReVoLuTioNzZzZ says:

    brilliant series, you should keep it up for other races too if you’s have time!

  10. mlindenlaub says:

    Love the music for this episode. Great Job Boys!!!

  11. helldave2010 says:

    congratulations to all involved an awesome effort, its been fantastic to follow

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