13 thoughts on “Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass – Tour de France stage 20 (global version)

  1. MeatCloud says:

    Thanks for all the hard work guys.
    Loved every second of it, with the exception of the vomit-inducing Eddie McGuire appearance.
    Only 11 months ’til the next one.

  2. dhoare01 says:

    Congratulations Green Edge, what a great start to your TdF journey. It was exciting watching you out there on the roads and giving you a cheer. Thanks for all the waves everyone in the team cars gave us supporters on the road. It was my first time to the Tour and it was great to feel involved, awesome cheering on the team each day and entertaining to come home and watch all the Backstage Passes. Great job Dan & Robbie doing these.

  3. Ashcox81 says:

    Thanks for all the videos – Love it!!!!!

  4. Patrick Smith says:

    A really lovely film to finish off a great series, seeing Albasini and his kid really brought home the family sacrifice that pro cyclists have to make, heartbreaking.

  5. Sandgroperish says:

    Can’t say just how proud we are in Australia of OGE’s fantastic 1st Tour de France. Great team, both riders and support crew and THANK YOU again for the daily Backstage Passes.

  6. CMgraffix says:

    great to see so many families on the team, well done Brett, there always next year

  7. CMgraffix says:

    well done GreenEdge, proud of you guys, Goss will only get better & stronger.

  8. jm6s says:

    Great job! huge fan from Costa Rica! hope to see you one day on america!

  9. TheCashMan67 says:

    Great work Greenedge. Good that you are looking after Aussie supporters that can not get to Europe. Bring on the Vuelta.

  10. chebbooben says:

    Great job guys!! Awesome insight into the event. Really solid start this year. Bigger and better in 2013 no doubt. C’mon Aussie!!

  11. jmg2474 says:

    Really enjoyed backstage pass. Robbie was great and so was mechanic Craig Geater. Please keep them coming for rest of season.

  12. Dillonpickle says:

    great job everyone. with eddie there hopefully CH9 are not fishing to steal this event’s coverage as well !

  13. hugwildlife says:

    Yes, Wonderful, Thank you! I was so proud to see Australia’s very own team there!!!!!! Since it was your first year at Tour de France, please don’t worry for not winning, GreenEDGE WILL do plenty of great things in years to come! I love you, Guys and Backstage Pass!!!!!!!!! }}}}}}}

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