12 thoughts on “Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass – Tour de France Stage 14

  1. vincoloroma says:

    robbie says”you look like a good rugby player, then scotty says”i thought i
    lost weight”

  2. Jackie Tweed says:

    Greenedge ROCKS the USA!!!

  3. Sean Carless says:

    you guys having a bit of a whinge today? sprint stage and you don’t even
    try to reel the break in. what’s that about? gossy havin’ a sulk is he?

  4. Sandgroperish says:

    Robbie is a STAR! And getting a big thumbs up for getting Jens for an

  5. maxandruby2650 says:

    Love Robbie. Love the Back stage pass.

  6. Carrie Osmo says:

    what coud be wrong with this Lionel (who I am growing to appreciate every
    time I hear him) My first Ozzie hero Robbie and an all time great The
    Jensie… The voices we hear/read interesting Thanks for the voyeurism,
    much enjoyed Robbie ;o)

  7. Redfield Media says:

    Bob Roll taking Ben Miller’s job would be worthy of a chuckle.

  8. Jarry Jary Beers says:

    Entertaining bastards. … & did I mention that Neil’s back. Happy Days.

  9. FlyRodL says:

    Top vid Robbie, they’re getting better and better

  10. Andrew Yao says:

    Jens Voigt cameo, automatically the best backstage pass!

  11. Thea Dora says:

    I think, come the end of tour, I might *almost* miss these backstage passes
    more than the tour. Robbie’s interview of the SBS team. Gold!

  12. Shaun Miller says:

    bob roll is a awesome funny person

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