25 thoughts on “Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass – Tour de France stage 12

  1. chuck tsonga says:


  2. fabian999999 says:

    stupid maneuver (6:51), stupid Matthew Goss, big pig 😀

  3. fabian999999 says:

    stupid maneuver (6:52), stupid Matthew Goss, big pig 😀

  4. iggyc50 says:

    Looks like Nothing has changed. Tour de France 1997 Stage 19 was a classic example.All the usual suspects there.Commissaires, Robbie racking the Cue for the last stage in Paris. 🙂 Interestingly, Sagan has done all this mountain biking and stuff yet was unable to come round Goss as he moved 100cm to the left. Maybe its time Sagan took to the track and did the Six day circuit and took his skills to another level……..

  5. fabian999999 says:

    LOL … HA-HA-HA:
    australians are pigs … LOL

  6. fabian999999 says:

    LOL … HA-HA-HA

  7. norsiiii says:

    yeah mate, i’d love a good shag!

  8. fabian999999 says:

    f**k australians

  9. fabian999999 says:

    Peter Sagan is SHOWMAN …. HA-HA-HA

  10. fabian999999 says:

    Goss is stupid pig

  11. lovePIECEhappiness says:

    Oh come on! It was just for show, why are you so jugdemental? He said that, he is going to do it if he will win at least one stage because of a bet with his friends.

  12. meakd says:

    typical cheating JAFA’s just like mckewan

  13. IKROWI says:

    peter sagan is a child. i mean…he did the funky chicken after winning stage 1 of the tour….who the hell does that?? he should get over himself and stop crying when shit doesnt go his way. its a race!!! go the hell around him. and if you cant, you lose.

  14. frostieRS says:

    Sagan had alot of space to the left and the right. He could easily pass gossy on both sides! I think the punishment is unfair! + Sagan was way to close to gossy, but yeah nothing to do about it…
    Greetings from Belgium!

  15. thomaslissac says:

    Annonay is the capital of Canson PAPER not Pepper XD

  16. harrisonmeads says:

    Yeah Nutella

  17. roadman73 says:

    I think there was a little bit of bite in Robbie’s response to Dan about retirement, as for Gossy’s Sprint reverse the positions Sagan 6th Gossy 7th no point deduction job done.

  18. JP B says:

    Poor Gossy… he did not deserve that.. Sagan exaggerated it, he knew he wasn’t as fast – Gossy had an incredible sprint earlier in the stage too. Keep your head’s up alot can happen before Paris!

  19. cervelottrX says:

    gossy aussie aussie
    oi oi oi
    gossy aussie aussie
    oi oi oi

  20. MeatCloud says:

    “Put the que in the rack mate”… farkin funny.

  21. R9999U says:

    Love the videos! You guys rock… unfortunately can’t agree about it being minor. Matt didn’t leave enough on the right to pass and came all the way back to the center. Where’s the limit? Would have been great to see these two on a straight sprint.

  22. liweiwei2008 says:

    Gossy moved a little, i think it is fair to put him at 7th, but it is a little too extreme to deduct 30 points and effectively make the green hunt boring

  23. hugwildlife says:

    Not Fair!!!!!!!! Gossy didn’t do anything wrong! Keep up the good work, but carefully!

  24. Ashcox81 says:

    Gossy has the legs to win and has done numerous times in the intermediate sprint. It was a bit of a BS decision and Cav has done worse and still pulled out the stage win. Best of luck for Stage honors on tonight’s stage. Cheers!

  25. TheKytoza says:

    Sagan ya sook….you didn’t have the legs to take him anyway….. fire up boys…. Go Gossy !!!

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