11 thoughts on “Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass – Tour de France stage 10

  1. Toby Mudroch says:

    Robbie should have his own show!

  2. Alex Kalyvas says:

    Robbie the comedian! Loving the updates.

  3. Jackie Tweed says:

    Is there ANYONE left in OZ?? I hope Laurenzo’s head doesn’t swell up from
    all the bee stings. WTG Goss

  4. MrWuzzaFuzza says:

    How do you do that re tweet thing on Twitter? please get back to me

  5. PLANETtubeyou says:

    Robbie is hilarious !!

  6. Tim Fleming says:

    Loving these Videos, Wanna see gossy come into paris in Green!!

  7. mlindenlaub says:

    Is That a Cigarette!?! 6:29

  8. Eleanora Holmes says:

    Dan Jones is my hero! Love it!

  9. Tim Hodge says:

    Whitey giving nothing in the car! “do you want me to drive?” means “suck it
    up son and get back in!”

  10. PSBSTEEDS says:

    hahahaa good work! Dont know what was a more impressive effort on stage 10,
    Robbies microphone and comedic skills of Gossy’s intermediate sprint win! 😀

  11. ORICA GreenEDGE says:

    To enter to Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass competition, simply retweet the
    BSP tweet from @Orica_GreenEDGE on twitter to go into the draw.

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