18 thoughts on “Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass – Giro stage 2

  1. Ashcox81 says:

    yeah! its funny watching this knowing that they’ve won stage 3. Awesome stuff and for many years to come with big $ backing.

  2. twhod1983 says:

    One day later Goss for the win! Awesome videos! Keep them coming!

  3. sfielder78 says:

    yes bsp it is 🙂

  4. natelelek says:

    Is the team car a WRX with a stick shift and a body kit? Sweeeet.

  5. XanderBingo says:

    1:20 … Is Dan trying to hypnotise a hamburger? Seriously though, I love these videos, keep them coming!

  6. MeatCloud says:

    You’ll get Chav soon mate… oops, sorry, Cav.

  7. Sandgroperish says:

    Fantastic effort from all the boys, but especially Goss! My cheering at the tv late each night must be waking the neighbours…… it certainly is annoying my husband who is trying to sleep!

  8. TotheBillyoh says:

    Good stuff. Go Gossy. It must be frustrating but from where I sit you are doing amazing.

  9. davidoffon says:

    Great days racing and absolutely no bullshit, good on yous!!

  10. patricklweir says:

    Great backstage again guys,
    thanks. Go Orica-GreenEdge it’s coming.

  11. fitchandchips says:

    its backstage pass not cevelos verision

  12. MrJAJackson5 says:

    always the bridesmaid, never the bride is goss

  13. sfielder78 says:

    I love a btp…..

  14. Shaun Doyle says:

    Nice advice Brett “….smash it..”

  15. sparx151 says:

    Goss is the sh*t, he’s always number 2 😛

    Come one boys! You can take the manx man

  16. Esudao says:

    it’s stage 2 😉

  17. Gibson2471 says:

    yes! excited for giro backstages

  18. Erlendthemasterofdam says:

    Nice effort by Gossie today!!!

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