17 thoughts on “Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass – AToC Stage 7

  1. IPPacket says:

    Good on ya boys!! Nice riding from the team…Go Robbie!

  2. Sandgroperish says:

    Thank you for this fantastic series of back stage passes from the AToC.
    Great to know that Robbie gets to finish the race!

  3. blaargh3 says:

    paul kennedy from abc24 got me on to these vids – they have hooked me to
    pro cycling… awesome work guys

  4. unclewilly15 says:

    GO ROBBIE!!!

  5. neon3690 says:


  6. Greg Norman says:

    Thanks for another great video

  7. H Rico says:

    Robbie’s a class act… I’m gonna miss him.

  8. Mclar23Formula1 says:

    Lets go Robbie, give us one last win on stage 8!!!

  9. Jarry Jary Beers says:

    get some clothes mate

  10. Jeremy MacEachern says:

    I love these video’s, keep it up!!

  11. tk1paddler says:

    All the best tomorrow Robbie! Thanks for all the years of highlights

  12. Darren Spina says:

    Sherriff for PM!

  13. marcodej1 says:

    Loving these backstage passes! But why no word on Pieter Weening, who
    earned a nice top ten place in the GC? I am cheering for Robbie today.
    C’mon mate!

  14. mlindenlaub says:

    Thats me at 2:00!:)

  15. Peter Van Waeyenberge says:

    Good Job Robbie!

  16. CMgraffix says:

    Go Robbie, hope you can do something tomorrow, it has been a great ride, I
    can still remember when you used to play up for the cameras when you were
    with Rabobank, & between you & Stuart gave us Aussie a reason to stay up
    till 1am, THANK YOU

  17. ausderek44 says:

    i watch every episode, lovin it all Dan and Team GE!!

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