25 thoughts on “Ninove na-Tour criterium LAST LAP

  1. MrGlh26 says:

    Very cool point of view! Thanks

  2. sirarrgh says:

    its done by youtube, they have a stabilization option when you upload a

  3. Stefaan Van Damme says:

    Last race in Belgium, not last race of his career … Or is he supposed to
    win in every country where he is riding for the last time ? …

  4. SeaRanger311 says:

    What was it filemd with a Contour or GoPro?

  5. Christopher Moore says:

    All post-tour criterium results are decided in advance so that the big name
    always wins

  6. rurakker says:

    agreed, all criteriums are fake, except the ones frank vdb won 😉

  7. BelgianMagic says:

    Bedankt ROBBIE voor al de mooie momenten in het wielrennen. Je was een
    groot voorbeeld voor velen, op en top super mens op en naast de fiets. Het
    ga je goed in je nieuwe carriere. Veel succes nog en ik sluit af met
    R.E.S.P.E.C.T Thanks ROBBIE for all the beautiful moments in cycling. You
    were a great example for many, on and off the bike Summit super human. Its
    going you well in your new career. Much success already and I closes with
    r. e. s. p. e. c. t.

  8. Jure Jereb says:

    We want more!!! 😀

  9. Michael Breto says:

    that was awesome!!!!!

  10. chris grundy says:

    Comebck imminent?

  11. Alexander V says:

    nice to see how it look likes in the peleton 😀

  12. Tim Roelandts says:

    was there!

  13. Søren Sliwa says:

    Coolest video on youtube !

  14. Krommenaas says:

    This is a fake race, but still it looks cool. Hope they’ll put cameras on
    all bikes in the future, like in F1.

  15. SnakesRaven says:

    Dank je Robbie voor al die mooie momenten in het wielrennen! België groet
    je! Thank you Robbie for all those beautiful moments in cycling! Belgium

  16. Mārtiņš Bruņenieks says:

    It seems to be software stabilyzed in postprocessing, gyroscope would not
    make black borders swinging.

  17. mazw1 says:

    Bedankt Robbie! (Wat een ei die cavendish. – Cavendish, you’re an EGG. )

  18. Makzimify says:

    You don’t know? You see Petacchi making place for Robbie (with a bad turn)
    and ofcourse Cavendish has to win, because it wouldn’t be logical.. It’s
    all about the money Jeroen. It really is. Nice video though! Robbie was and
    is a great rider!

  19. Alex Mackay says:

    pantomime for the fans,still a nice view of it tho

  20. Giovanni Donkers says:

    A great rider will retire. One of the best sprinters of his generation and
    one of the most charming persons of all time in the cycling world.

  21. Jeroen Crombez says:

    why would this be a fake race?

  22. GoldeneSpeichen says:

    Andre Greipel won here in Hannover last year, in front of local hero
    Grischa Nierman. It’s not always fake 🙂 But Grischa beating Greipel in the
    sprint would’ve been a bit too much I must say

  23. Krommenaas says:

    all criteriums are fake dude. have you never noticed how the biggest names
    (and/or local stars) always end 1-2-3, usually in order of crowd appeal?
    last week climber Jurgen VDB beat Petachi in a sprint 🙂

  24. freddyronny says:

    Stom van Cavendish dat hij je niet heeft laten winnen.

  25. MrPoldekrosmol says:

    Bedankt voor de mooie momenten die je ons belgenlandje gaf! Dit is een
    prachtig filmpje, ik hoop dat we dit idee in de toekomst ook op tv kunnen
    zien, het maakt de koers veel intenser! Echt leuk om de koers eens te zien
    uit een wielrenner zijn positie!

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