New sponsor for Voeckler

Thomas Voeckler has seen lots of ups and downs in his career and it was about to get over when it began. Ride in the Tour Down Under made his collarbone break as he reached Adelaide. He had flown down from Adelaide after which he is currently in Argentina for a start over but the incident of Australia has not been able to leave his mind.

He however, had strong reasons to start the season but he does not like to train at all. All the more he does not like to go to training camps but competing in the race drives him to perform better.

The demotion of the Europcar from the world tour did create chaos regarding the doping case as well but Voeckler does not like to discriminate between Astana and Europcar. What he is thinking at is the Status of Pro Continental that his team has achieved. He has stated that as far as his status is concerned regarding the future he cannot confirm anything yet but Two seasons were best for him as in 2011 he came fourth in the tour and a year after that he grasped the mountain jersey.

He says that he needs to be true to himself and when he can describe his position and stature he can easily then say what is right and wrong for him. Hence he is not yet fully dispensable with the sponsor which he will get. He needs a sponsor to come in front and pave the way since individual effort will not be enough. His mind is set one sure thing which is to stay with the team as far as possible for the ensuing year. He is waiting to be confident again when his body will be fit physically. Until then he is not in a position to decide what the future holds.