Mcewen Simply The Best

Robbie Mcewen is/was simply the finest sprinter of the peloton. He desires no person to start off his sprint and wins heroic. Appreciate my video and depart your feedback! *MY PREVIOUST ACCOUNT WAS GANGSTADUTCH* ———————————— Brought to you by floriscycling! Subscribe now! Make sure you go to:

25 thoughts on “Mcewen Simply The Best

  1. toby099 says:

    Robbie at his best would just annihilate Cavendish, no question.

  2. floriscycling says:

    @Gautran7 no it doesn’t

  3. Gautran7 says:

    That song sucks xD

  4. spunkychick94 says:

    i know robbie,, hes really nice. He helped me get into bike riding and see his predictor shirt; he gave me his spare!!!

  5. welshlogic says:

    Cavendish quite simply is more explosive even than McEwen and this results from his track work. Much as I admire Robbie for his ability to get in other teams lead out trains using guile I really don’t think he’d have beaten Cavendish. This of course is only my opinion.

  6. genderpretender says:

    i like robbie Mcewen

    and i know loads of people keep saying this

    but wat about cavendish?

    is he better?

    i think so

    i just hope robbie can get back 2 form and they can go head to head in the tdf next year

  7. ThePhailedRoflcopter says:


  8. MrKingkunda says:

    @floriscycling here, here

  9. SurNich123 says:

    id love to see cavendish vs mcewen if they were were the same age that would be an awsome sprint

  10. floriscycling says:

    The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

  11. HonzaSkala says:

    How name this song?

  12. floriscycling says:

    because that song sucks :p

  13. Im2cool0101 says:

    Why not the song “Simply The Best” by Tina Turner?

  14. gsdkain says:

    @Gambitgirl1974 – Most people at the top of their sport are arrogant. You don’t get there by thinking your just OK.

  15. gsdkain says:

    @ Kongene9 Thor can’t beat him either, just like Boonen.

  16. gsdkain says:

    Funny shit, well played sir.

  17. gsdkain says:

    I read Cipo could sprint upto 45 MPH. He was like a motorbike.

  18. bomberchips says:

    Better than Cavendish, AND HE NEEDS NO LEADOUT!!

  19. golfnut20 says:

    I saw him the other year riding in a criterium at South Bank, Brisbane and he ended up sprinting at over 70 km/h and had sped up from about 45 – took him about 5 seconds.

  20. chrisjie says:

    Cavendish has a longer leadout than your mum has men lining out the door.

  21. floriscycling says:

    inderdaad 🙂

  22. Voldero says:

    tis nen halve vlaming!!! 😀

  23. OUkid21 says:


  24. OUkid21 says:

    McEwen really is THE BEST

  25. Kongene9 says:

    THor is much better, com on…

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