After an amazing and well-decorated career, Australian cyclist Robbie McEwen has decided to go into retirement.

McEwen whose career lasted for 17 years during which he obtained several victories and medal retired after completing the tour of California.

During his time on the track, McEwen achieve 12 victories and medals on the tour the France stage, needless to say, an amazing feat. At the peak of his career, McEwen had been reputed as quite the extraordinary cyclist; the 39 year old was ranked among the greatest sprinters in the world to have ever graced the circuit.

The cyclist from Brisbane went on to win different decorations on the tour de France stage, McEwen won the sprinters classification of the tour the France three times and in addition to that, he has a record of 12 stage wins in both the tour of his homeland, and the Giro d’italia.

No doubt, his retirement is a sad conclusion to what has been one of the best careers in the history of the sport. As the idea of retiring occurred to him after getting of the bicycle when concluding his last race and ending his competitive caree, McEwen was quoted to have said:

“It’s a little bit surreal”, this was after the eight tour of California where he had finish mid-pack. Crossing the line, I felt like, oooh finished. I’m still going, I just want to go back to the hotel, have a shower. Sit down, have a cold beer, and think, all right.”

Going further, he said: “Maybe it will hit me when I don’t have to pack a suitcase for the next race…..that’s something I’m honestly looking forward to, I’ve had a great career.”

McEwen plans to move into a coaching position with his Australian team Orica-GREENEDGE.

In closing remarks, he thanked his fans, teammates, rivals and enemies and stated that what started as a hobby and became a profession had finally ended.