Grand Prix event comes back

Cycling rooters who relish following top cycling events would not have to watch the contest online or on television this weekend. Amateur and professional cyclists from around the Midwest would congregate in the city for Villa Park Grand Prix.

The race is sponsored by the RDS Cycling Team and Club, which is a member of United States Cycling Development Foundation which produces many bicycling competition throughout Midwest, stated the club’s race organizer Robert Di Silvestro who said that it would be a nice little race.

The race is scheduled to start from 9 am and will go on till 4:30 pm on Sunday, and must draw close to three hundred racers. According to online betting australia, the winners should complete the course in just under 3 hours.

Throughout the day, the riders will be separated into races reckoning on their gender, skill level and age. The professional riders will ride for around an hour at speeds of thirty miles per hour, said Di Silvestro.

This is the 2nd consecutive year that Villa Park has arranged the grand prix, even though RDS Cycling also arranged a similar race in town many years ago. Bob Budig, the Villa Park Deputy Police Chief, told that it was really well received. A whole lot of people have enjoyed it and they even asked whether it would come back next year or not.

Budig added that several residents brought chairs to see the races previous year and people staying on the track set up tents on their front lawns. The village, this year, is expecting to get more local support around the race to make sure that RDS Cycling comes back in future. They were making a huge deal about it. They want to make a big excitement and make a very good event.