Chris Willett thinks Harrison Mudgway Can Win 2015 Oceania Race

The 17 year old Harrison Mudgway’s coach, Chris Willett thinks that Mudgway has the capability to advance further in the sport of Mountain Biking. Harrison Mudgway is from New Zealand and he managed to secure the title of national champion not too long ago.

He became the cross country mountain biking champion in the under 19 category. At present he is aiming at becoming the champion of Oceania race which is scheduled to start on 26th February in Toowoomba.

Chris Willett expects that Harrison Mudgway will be able to achieve a podium finish and also going to win the title of overall leader of the race. Harrison is also of the same opinion. Mudgway said that he is indeed a little nervous but his level of confidence exceeds his nervousness. He also said that his major objective is to be among the top three riders to finish the race. Having a good race is also a priority for him. Mudgway also wants circumstances to be in his favour.

But things did not work out in his favour in the national championships. In the Whakarewarewa forest race, Harrison Mudgway had the leading position. He had to sacrifice his position as he required help from his competitors. The incident took place because he had made a decision but his coach doesn’t think that similar incident is ever going to happen in future. His coach said that Mudgway had a clear lead but to him his legs did not feel like it should and that is the reason why he slowed down and as an obvious consequence, his competitors managed to get ahead of him. Mudgway said that he intended to keep his pace slow until time comes to sprint. He felt that if he followed that plan he would have a chance to win. Mudgway still feels the same.