Biggest gravel road race to be held at Hastings

The organizers have announced that Hastings will be hosting the nation’s largest gravel road bicycle race on March 22nd, Saturday.  The race will be hosting more than 3000 cyclists and it is going to be called the Founders Barry-Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race. It is going to be one of the major races of the season and the race will be a new spectacle for the crowd, the announcers think.

The rider who finished last on the inaugural race in the year 2009 called the race ‘a fun ride, but only the kind of suffering and dangerous fun preferred by bikers’.

The race track is confirmed to be punishing yet again as the pit will be created at the Barry County terrain and it will be filled with sand, rocks, gravel, mud and quite possible ice and snow on a loop which is almost 36 miles. It will be able to incorporate a staggering 2,200 feet of climbing. The gruelling race also promises a reward of $10,000 for the top performers.

The race is going to be hosted by Kisscross Events and Founders Brewing, and this race is going to be offered in four different categories which ranges from almost 24 miles to 62 miles in total length.

The race will be named after the legendary Paris-Roubaix race which is originally held in France, this Barry-Roubaix race will begin at 10 a.m. in downtown Hastings. The registration for the race is closed at the moment but the after party and the awards ceremony will be held for the participants and the spectators. The show will be filled with eminent figures and it will be entertained by live music.

The after race events will occur from 11am to 3pm. and it will be open to the public for free.

McEwen backs Michael Rogers

Australian cycling legend Robbie McEwen has backed Michael Rogers against the doping case which he is now defending. In fact Robbie has also made an appeal to the UCI about the racing in China. It was a very bold move by Robbie McEwen to defend Michael Rogers and according to the experts the reputation of the legend is at stake after doing this. While his statement for Rogers, McEwen said that it is “impossible to believe” that Rogers would have done such a silly thing intentionally. Robbie McEwen is a very popular figure in cycling having won 12 stage wins in the Tour de France and also has the record for the best printer with three green jerseys in this category.

Rogers was found positive with clenbuterol which resulted in a provisional ban by the UCI. The sample of clenbuterol was found in his Urine when he was in Japan. Rogers in his defense said that he would never consume such a thing deliberately and it must have got into his system from the contaminated food which he ate when he was in China for the Tour of Beijing. Although this alibi is still being looked into it was also proved that the livestock in China does contain clenbuterol which is why the ban has not yet come to Rogers. After this Robbie McEwen was asked what he feels about this alibi to which he said that it must be true because there are no other chances of clenbuterol getting into his system. He also added that if Rogers had to do anything like this he would have done it much before in his career. It would be silly to do something like this at a stage when Rogers has not only become popular but he also has a family to provide for.