13 thoughts on “2013 Mars Australian Road Championships – Elite Men

  1. acsyang says:

    3:52 classic

  2. Veronica Waldo says:

    We want to see them 🙂

  3. SheldonCooper213 says:

    Officially my favorite team!

  4. roostewrum says:

    Onya fellahs.

  5. theboyfrombritain says:

    i’m liking the new sky kit… good job rapha

  6. Paddy S says:

    Durbo is RR Champ and ITT champ, that’s awesome!

  7. greenfellow says:

    Robbie, you’re fucking me up! Good.

  8. tk1paddler says:

    Going to Look great in that Green and Gold Jersey the next 12 months Turbo

  9. bincepilot says:

    Slow-mo’s working well Dan!

  10. mashy0001 says:

    You are joking I hope, of course an Aussie was going to win when it’s
    contested only by Aussies!

  11. Lauchie Thompson says:

    Go Steele! <3, I race him in Pedal Prix :

  12. PLANETtubeyou says:

    Love your work dan, but i’m over the slo-mo.

  13. htdtr says:

    Super happy an australian won it, congrats luke.

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