6 thoughts on “2010 World Cycling Championships – Robbie McEwen course preview part 2

  1. Kepahl says:

    Too bad they didn’t let you ride Mr. Mc. Thor would have had to work much harder then.

  2. Theperiperi132 says:

    Lactate city..haha classic such a good guy

  3. MrKableh says:

    @RobRob515 lol

  4. TdotFunk says:

    what a British cigarette

  5. RobRob515 says:

    its a very nice vid, although I hope it won’t be a sprint!!

  6. 113Gems says:

    I wonder if the other teams (countries’ teams) and riders will be watching this video and using Robbie’s tips and experience to their advantage?!

    At the end of the video, he laughed like he didn’t believe it himself!

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