21 thoughts on “2010 World Cycling Championships – Robbie McEwen course preview part 1

  1. oldtwins says:

    Well I’d say they made the right choice in excluding Robbie. The course really isn’t suited to him, too steep and grinding of a course. Allan Davis did a fine job coming in 3rd for full representation of Australia. I don’t think Robbie would’ve made it in the bunch.

  2. datboysha40 says:

    That’s a very nice course. Challenging, but very tame. I like to see Pro’s riding in traffic and stop lights like us daily roadies…lol

  3. minirichomatt says:

    aussie rep shit yeh 😉

  4. UnionCityBlue1 says:

    great video … what a modest guy … how many other pro`s would openly share the circuit like that? Big thumbs up!

  5. PastaGrae says:

    8:00, “….and now it’s time to do my favourite thing….. go down.” Ha! Love your work Robbie

  6. hcschmid says:

    How did you get such great sound?Did you have a mic on Robbie or in the car? If you had a mic on Robbie, how did you avoid wind noise?

  7. hcschmid says:

    How did you get such great sound?You didn’t have a mic on Robbie, did you? If so how did you get avoid wind noise?

  8. JClurkmoar says:

    “But knowing Phill, he’ll pull it up into the big dog”
    hahah, classic!

  9. tremontarama says:

    Love this. Big thumbs up.

  10. TheCervelo100 says:

    tough course …will be a great race …I feel an escapee on the last lap could stay away

  11. cincicycles says:

    Robbie, you’re awesome. I wish you were racing this!!!

  12. ricadus says:

    Nice climb. For the Women could be Pooley’s year.

  13. Gautran7 says:

    Nice video!

  14. ehelekakou says:

    Great audio. How do you get audio like that?

  15. jommarie says:

    He already knows who’s gonna win!

  16. dugfriendly says:

    Love the invite to Armstrong. Funny.

  17. Dontbeglum says:

    FUCK this SHIT.

    Cannot believe Robbie didn’t get selected. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

  18. LittleGodOfGods says:

    Very nice and interesting video. But isn’t Valverde suspended ? ; )
    Anyway good luck Robbie McEwen.

  19. trisk77 says:

    Great to see Robbie again, I enjoyed his comments and reflections, and determination so much in this years TDF.

    Would anyone know what earpiece and mike is used by Robbie in this talk? Also what other earpieces do PRO cyclists use?

    ps just been to townsville for 2 weeks min temp of 18 deg. C, and am back in freezzzzing sydney, for back to work, jesus it’s COLD! 12 deg. c. max today.

  20. wrx045 says:

    awesum vid thanks for this good info

  21. 113Gems says:

    Wow, I reckon Robbie’s going faster than my car could tackling that hill!

    7:25 That’s a scary sight!

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