7 thoughts on “2008 Tour de France – Robbie McEwen time trial bike

  1. MeatCloud says:

    Ripper Aussie Bloke!

  2. grocer3 says:

    ye its like ALL motor bikes

  3. TheSirOlivier says:

    This bike is so expencive that if I cycle with it I would be afraid of fall, think about that you fall and your 3900$ flies away :'(

  4. ranmanibunnoichi says:

    wow, he used the US$3900 Campagnolo Gibhli disc wheel !!!

  5. xxbondsxx says:

    haha “stuffing his face with croissants”

  6. BEEHIVE44 says:

    foreal thats a really nice bike

  7. nuglefil says:

    nice bike:O

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